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19th K-UE Meeting Baltic Sea-Warnemünde

24-29 May 2023

This year the Beetles took us to the eastern Baltic Sea. The itinerary included Bad Doberan, Kühlungsborn, Warnemünde, Graal-Müritz and Wustrow. We experienced the Baltic Sea several times directly on the coast with highlights and surprises.

For those who arrived early on Wednesday, 24 May 2023, there was a special trip on Thursday, 25 May 2023. Around midday, the Beetle convoy set off for Bastorf to visit the 100-year-old BUK lighthouse, which is topographically the highest lighthouse in Germany. But with a height of only 20.8 metres, it is also one of the smallest. The mayor gave us special permission to park our beetles right next to the lighthouse. After climbing the 55 steps, our view extended far into the surrounding area and across the Baltic Sea. A worthwhile excursion.

On Thursday 25th May 2023 all registered Beetle friends arrived in Wittenbeck. The club committee greeted everyone with a welcome drink and got us in the mood for some wonderful experiences on the Baltic Sea.

After breakfast on Friday 26 May 2023, the convoy of Beetles set off from the car park of the Landhotel Wittenbeck towards Bad Doberan. With a special permit, the 45 Beetles were allowed to park on the festival lawn in front of the monastery ruins in the immediate vicinity of Doberan Minster. Mayor Jochen Arenz took the opportunity to welcome the Beetle drivers personally.

The Molli train took us from Bad Doberan station to the Baltic seaside resort of Heiligendamm. In Heiligendamm we had an hour to stroll along the beach promenade to the pier and have a look at the White Houses. In 2007 the G8 meeting was held at the Grand Resort Heiligendamm.

After our stay in Heiligendamm we took the Molli train back to Bad Doberan. There was plenty of time to visit the cathedral and stroll around the town. After a successful day in Bad Doberan and Heiligendamm, the Beetles made their way to the marina in Kühlungsborn.

The harbour master was so enthusiastic about the idea of setting up the Beetles in the marina for the photo session that he immediately issued a special permit. Spectators watched in amazement as the 45 Beetles formed a semi-circle in the open area of the marina, right on the Baltic Sea.

The column of Beetles then drove through Kühlungsborn along the Baltic Sea promenade. Again, the many beetles were much admired. Our destination was the Meergut Hotel on the Baltic Sea beach. A delicious coffee buffet was prepared for us in the ballroom. The manager of the Meergut Hotel and her staff were beaming with joy as they greeted us in the hotel car park. She didn't miss the opportunity to instruct the Beetles herself. The Beetles were allowed to park around the hotel and on the lakeside terrace. What a unique picture, the Beetles parked directly on the Baltic Sea beach.

On Saturday 27 May 2023, our destination was the Darß peninsula in the Baltic Sea. To get there, the Beetles had to take the Warnow ferry Hohe Düne from the mainland. Our first destination of the day was Graal-Müritz. We were stopped on the main road by the fire brigade, who escorted our convoy of Beetles to the pier in two large fire engines. We received special permission from the public order office to set up the Beetles from the beach promenade to the pier. The town put up posters announcing the event. The fire brigade took us safely along the traffic-calmed Seestrasse to the pier. There we were asked by many onlookers to park the Beetles on the area in front of the pier. We were greeted by a convoy of Beetles driving down the pedestrian street 'Zur Seebrücke'. A band played to welcome us as the Beetles parked. It was a special spectacle to present the Beetles so close to the Baltic Sea beach on such a beautiful day. The fire brigade did not miss the opportunity to escort the Beetle convoy back to the main road with lights and sirens.

The next stop was the Baltic seaside resort of Wustrow, situated between the Baltic Sea and the Bodden on the Hartman farm. The Beetle friends were welcomed to the farm with many surprises. Farmer Hartmann not only parked the Beetles on his farm, but also organised a regional lunch for us. A coach was waiting to take us to the beach promenade in Wustrow. We also had plenty of time to walk between the fields to the Baltic Sea beach or to the Bodden on the other side of the farm. After a wonderful time, farmer Hartmann said goodbye to us with home-made gifts from his farm. Simply delicious!

The journey continued to the open-air museum in Klockenhagen. There, all 45 Beetles were allowed to drive directly onto the museum grounds and park among the beautiful old buildings. The beautiful museum café is located in an old barn. A coffee table was waiting for us. After an extraordinary day, we took the ferry back to the hotel. Another attraction awaited us in the evening. When we are guests in the north with our Beetles, we want to experience something live from the Waterfront. We managed to hire the Reriker Heulbojen shanty choir! What an atmosphere that created...

On Sunday the 28th of May 2023 we drove to Warnemünde. Our Beetles were parked in the Mittelmole car park, right next to the cruise ship harbour where the AIDA was anchored at the time. There was plenty of time for a walk along the river. Many participants walked past the small lighthouse and the teapot to the lighthouse on the pier. From there you could see the wide beach of Warnemünde and the Hotel Neptun. Also the wide Baltic Sea with the ferry traffic and the many large and small ships. There was a lot going on here. At noon we met for the harbour tour on the passenger ship 'Käpp'n Brass'. During the two hour tour we were shown and explained the harbour. Catering was also provided.

In the afternoon, the 'Blaue Boje' beach restaurant in the Baltic seaside resort of Margrafenheide was reserved for the Beetle friends for a coffee. The Beetles drove past the AIDA to the ferry terminal and took the Warnow ferry back to the other side. The restaurant 'Blaue Boje' is a very popular and sought-after address on the Baltic Sea and gives you the feeling of being 'on the Baltic Sea'. The view is unique. We were able to enjoy it on a beautiful sunny day.

The atmosphere in the hotel was excellent with a delicious farewell dinner. We talked about what we had experienced together and looked forward to the next K-UE Beetle meeting. The committee closed the meeting by handing out certificates of attendance and wishing everyone a safe journey home. The committee put everyone in the mood for the 20th K-UE Jubilee meeting. This will be held in the Eifel / Lower Saar region.

During the journey home on Monday 29 May 2023, some Beetle friends went to the Waldfriedhof cemetery in Wolfsburg to visit the grave of Prof. Dr. Carl Hahn. They paid their last respects to Prof. Dr. Carl Hahn and laid a wreath on behalf of the VW Beetle Club Última Edición e.V. The unique hours with Prof Dr Carl Hahn during the K-UE Beetle Meeting 2022 in Dresden will remain unforgettable.

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